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Allen & Overy LLP - Global U.S. Practice

Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity Chair

Diversity Chair Prefix US DEI Partner
Diversity Chair First Name Lisa
Diversity Chair Last Name Nguyen

Diversity Contact Information

Diversity Contact Prefix
Diversity Contact First Name Dennis
Diversity Contact Last Name Quinio
Link to your organization's diversity website

Recruitment methods

Which of the following methods do you use to increase the presence and retention of under-represented groups? (Check all that apply) Diversity job fairs
Outreach to law student groups
Formal mentoring efforts
Recruit at schools with large minority populations
Bar-sponsored programs
Firm diversity committee
Recruit at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)
Non-discrimination policy

The Firm has a "Dignity at Work - Anti-Harrassment and Bullying Policy" every employee must aknowledge and adhere to. 

Diversity fellowships or scholarships

Does your organization or office sponsor/offer a Diversity Fellowship or Scholarship? Yes
If yes, is the program open to 1L
Please provide a brief description of the program

Affinity group information

Does your organization or office have affinity groups? Yes
If yes, please describe your affinity groups below

A&Out: A&Out is a network established by A&O partners, associates, and staff (regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity) who are committed to building a workplace culture of openness, respect and inclusion around LGBTQ+ matters.

Access Ability: In 2021 we launched our disability network Access Abilty to support colleagues who have a disability, those who have caring responsibilities for people with disabilities and those who are allies. Of this new initiative, Ian Field, Banking partner and DE&I partner for London, said: “The creation of this network is the next step in our inclusion agenda. It is going to be very important in both providing additional support to our colleagues around the globe as well as raising awareness across A&O about disability”.

Asian Affinity Network (AAN): The A&O U.S. Asian Affinity Network is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of cultures to promote inclusivity. AAN focuses on hosting educational and celebratory events and discussions. The Asian Affinity Group is open to anyone interested in discussing, supporting, and promoting conversations and topics relevant to our Asian attorneys.

Black & Latinx Affinity Group (BLAG): The A&O U.S. Black & Latinx Group is committed to cultivating a space that promotes the advancement of our Black and Latinx people, creating an inclusive and open environment through mentoring, networking, and recruitment, and by fostering our strengths through community involvement, pro bono, and advocacy in order to strengthen our staff and lawyers as leaders of the future.

Families@A&O: Families @ A&O seeks to support members of our community in their responsibilities related to caring for family members. The purpose of the group is to provide tools, strategies, resources, and a community network of support to our people striving for work-life-family balance.

Women’s Committee: The A&O Women’s Committee was formed as a platform for women attorneys to discuss and help to address issues affecting women at all stages of their career at A&O.