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Lerner David specializes solely in providing intellectual property counsel. Practicing no other area of law since our founding in 1969, we know IP and we do it well. The firm’s intellectual property attorneys and additional professionals are highly experienced, both in breadth and depth, with all intellectual property issues.

We have built a strong reputation for actively and effectively obtaining positive results for our clients - in the Patent and Trademark Office, in the courts and at the bargaining table. But it is our role as "counselors" that is of paramount importance. By providing our clients sound, practical advice, we help them make informed, intelligent choices about their business.

Members of the firm share a deep understanding of the importance of client service and furthering client business goals. With extensive experience and broad international resources, our attorneys have earned a reputation for handling intellectual property matters successfully and efficiently. At the heart of our philosophy is a belief that all intellectual property assets must work toward the satisfaction of business goals. This business-focused approach is a significant factor in our success, leading directly to many long-term relationships with our clients. They know and trust that we will never “churn” a matter, or pursue an end simply because we believe the end can be pursued successfully.

We always view business goals as paramount, and provide advice with that philosophy in mind. Both today and throughout our history, the firm has insisted on exceptionally high standards of professionalism, integrity and character.